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AI Strategy

Provide AI strategy to enterprises to automate business processes, transform customer experiences and differentiate product offerings.

Data Strategy

Enable enterprises on their journey towards data transformation by providing innovative data management and architecture strategies.

AI Governance

Ensuring the organization engineer & adopt Ethical AI Systems which are  fair & Explainable to address reputation and  regulatory compliance issues.

AI Use Case Selection

Champion to identify AI use cases that can create significant business value, provide quick win, lesser technical complexity and easy integration with business process.

Model Optimization

We spearhead model selection as a process of selecting one final machine learning model from among a collection of candidate machine learning models.

ML Ops

We help enterprises initiatives in uniting Machine Learning, DevOps and Data Engineering, aiming to deploy and maintain ML systems reliably.

AI Application Architecture

We offer AI & Data Science Application Architecture & Design Consulting & reviews by our qualified panel of AI Thought leaders & Practioners.


AI Risk Control Self Assessment) -Development of Domain Specific AI Risk register & AI Control Framework.

Start-up Starter Pack

A ready to deploy starter pack with pre-defined process and customizable starter packs exclusively designed for start-up companies.

GDBR Compliance Audits

Pre-populated Audits framework driven audits services & exception tracking.

Pro Bono

Free Consulting Light-touch services to  Government/Public serving institution & small Education & Charity organisations.  AI Practioners who would like to be part of this initiative are requested to get in touch with us.

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