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AI Governance Enablement Platform and Consulting Organization

Aaquarians.ai is an AI Governance & Fairness Enablement Product platform and a Domain specific AI Audit Framework. We also offer Consulting Services around our Product Platform. We are in the business of helping organizations to leverage AI technologies ethically, fairly & responsibly and comply with AI regulatory requirements using established AI Governance Frameworks & practices and business outcomes

Who we are

Aaquarians.ai is a group of professionals with doctoral degrees and academic excellence in AI Technologies, Data Sciences and applied research having played multiple roles in Tier 1 Global multinational Software Product Organizations, Management Consulting & academic research organisations. We have the unique advantage of having worked & being at the intersection of AI Technologies, Product Engineering, GRC and Law.

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We are committed to ongoing Research & Development to build domain specific AI Governance solutions such as AI Risk Control Assessment Framework & AI Risk registers as licensable Assets to address  your enterprise AI & Data Governance regulatory requirements.  We also provide AI & Data Governance Consulting services and AI & Data regulatory Audit services using our domain specific audit packs. We also provide Ready-to-use Concept to Deployment Product Engineering Framework for Start-ups

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